Our Values and Approach


Time Efficient

CDS Security draws from over 40 years combined experience in managing time-critical projects and complex business operations. Our approach is systematic and controlled, but flexible, ensuring a smooth and timely completion of each project.


We follow the AS/NZ ISO 4801:2001 OHS Management and ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Assurance in all aspects of CDS business.  This ensures a safe and healthy work environment for our staff clients and visitors, exceeding expectations in an efficient and cost effect manner.

Staff Development

Training is an essential part of our company culture and integral to our quality assurance program. In-house and external supplier training for all staff is mandatory. We monitor training in line with the Security Industry to ensure the skill levels of staff are current and of the highest standards. We are progressive in learning and being at the fore front of new developments.


High standards of communication are core to our business. Our clients  have direct access to our management team, ensuring effective two way communication. Personalised meetings, up-to-date reports and project reviews are provided as part of the communication process. Customer feedback and post installation analysis are essential to further business development and improvements.

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